What does ctn mean in flooring?

What does ctn mean?

In flooring the word carton is often times shortened to ctn. Many flooring e-commerce websites describe the quantity of cartons offered or needed using ctn instead. For example, 10 ctn is really the shortened form for 10 cartons.

Carton is often used to describe a box of flooring, which could be a box of wood flooring, laminate flooring, tile, etc. These types floors are sold in full cartons, not by the individual piece.

I bring this up because I have noticed in the Google Search Console for some flooring websites many consumers are searching on Google looking for the answer as to what ctn stands for.  To often people within an industry have a tendency to use industry jargon which consumers may not understand.

What does sqft mean?

Another flooring term that can be puzzling to consumers is sqft or sq.ft. This is the abbreviated form for Square Feet. For example: 26.5 sqft really means 26.5 Square Feet.

Putting this all together… 26.5 sqft/ctn really means 26.5 Square Feet per Carton.

What does QTY mean?

Consumers may also see QTY which is the shortened form for Quantity. This is often times used next to the textbox where you would enter the quantity of cartons you want to order.

Author: John Simonson

John Simonson is the owner of Webstream Dynamics creating websites and digital marketing for the flooring industry for over 21 years. Prior to this John had been working in the flooring channel for over 25 years as a manufacturer's sales rep as well as managing a distributor location. Over the years he has conducted numerous seminars at flooring tradeshows and is a columnist for Floor Covering Weekly.

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