Finding the Right Hardwood Floor

Today consumers have more options than ever before when choosing a hardwood floor for their home. Although we typically think of hardwood flooring as real solid wood or engineered wood floors, there are now many more options due to the advanced photographic and textured embossing technologies.
If you have shopped for flooring in a while you will be amazed at the realism offered in luxury vinyl flooring and laminate flooring that has the look and feel of real hardwood floors.

The days of the old, 2-1/4″ strip oak and maple floors are loosing favor with many homeowners because of the latest features offered in laminate and luxury vinyl flooring. Once installed these new floors look and feel so real it is difficult to tell them from the real thing. Plus, due to the constructions they can be installed anywhere in the home and the higher end luxury vinyl floors come with much better performance warranties than real hardwood floors.

In other words, hardwood flooring is not dying among homeowners, instead it has morphed itself into other types of flooring that active families with kids and pets prefer. We are now seeing luxury vinyl plank flooring that offers both tremendous visual realism combined with a limited waterproof and pet-proof warranties. They are much easier to install than 3/4″ nailed down solid hardwood and can be used on all grade levels in the home, including basements. Plus, they are dimensionally stable so they won’t expand and contract to due moisture changes like solid wood flooring will.

There is nothing like real hardwood flooring, but if you are looking for a more worry-free flooring be sure to checkout the latest luxury vinyl plank flooring options at your local specialty flooring stores.

Author: John Simonson

John Simonson is the owner of Webstream Dynamics creating websites and digital marketing for the flooring industry for over 21 years. Prior to this John had been working in the flooring channel for over 25 years as a manufacturer's sales rep as well as managing a distributor location. Over the years he has conducted numerous seminars at flooring tradeshows and is a columnist for Floor Covering Weekly.

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