What is engineered flooring?

Engineered flooring has been used to describe the construction of several different types of flooring products. Generally engineered is used in conjunction with wood flooring, laminate flooring and luxury vinyl flooring which makes it some what confusing to consumers. It’s easiest to think of  engineered flooring as a floor constructed of multi-layers that are combined together to form a floor.
They usually consist of a wearlayer (also called the finish layer), a stain or print layer that is applied to a middle core layer(s) and then a backing layer.

Engineered wood flooring will be made up of 3 to 9 layers of different types of wood. While engineered laminate flooring and luxury vinyl flooring are usually made up of 4 layers (wearlayer, print layer, core layer and backing layer).

In other words, when you see a floor described as “engineered” think multi-layer construction versus solid construction. Engineered flooring has its advantages too, such as much better dimensional stability. Laminate floors and luxury vinyl flooring have the ability to create realistic looking floors that look as good as real wood or stone flooring, but easier to maintain and to install.

Author: John Simonson

John Simonson is the owner of Webstream Dynamics creating websites and digital marketing for the flooring industry for over 21 years. Prior to this John had been working in the flooring channel for over 25 years as a manufacturer's sales rep as well as managing a distributor location. Over the years he has conducted numerous seminars at flooring tradeshows and is a columnist for Floor Covering Weekly.

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