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Google Guaranteed Carpet Cleaning Services

I noticed this week for the first time Google is now guaranteeing carpet cleaning services in several select major cities through Google’s Local Service Ads program. Up to now, I have only seen or read about Google guaranteeing plumbers, locksmiths, HVAC contractors, electricians and garage door companies and only in 30 select USA markets. Rather than going into how this works and how businesses get verified by Google see Tom Waddington’s excellent blog post…

I have not heard anyone talking about seeing carpet cleaning services being added to Google’s Local Service Ad program. Through my searching I can only find a few major cities (Atlanta, Philadelphia, & San Diego) where the local service ads for carpet cleaning services appears. Also, I have to use specific wording in my search phrase in order for the local service ads to appear at the top of the SERPs. See screenshot examples that I saw searching on Google for Carpet Cleaning Google Local Service Ads below:

Google Guarantee Carpet Cleaning In Atlanta

Google Guarantee Carpet Cleaning in Philadelphia

Google Guarantee Carpet Cleaning Service in San Diego