Creating Posts on your Google My Business page

I just noticed today the ability for users to post text content and images to their Google My Business (GMB) page. This could be a great way to add call-to-actions to convert more local shoppers searching Google into leads and buyers.┬áThe post content will appear in both Google Search local business’s knowledge panel and in the Google Maps app on Smartphones as well. Continue reading “Creating Posts on your Google My Business page”

Shopping Insights Into Flooring using Think with Google

Think with Google allows insights into new trends and popularity of products across the U.S. Google explains it this way: Understand the shifts in consumer behaviors, needs, and beliefs that will help you unlock fresh insights to drive your business. Continue reading “Shopping Insights Into Flooring using Think with Google”

Positive Customer Reviews Generates Leads

Most storeowners and small businesses don’t realize how important getting high quality, positive customer reviews means to their business. Consumers today are looking for online reviews for almost everything before they buy, and they are doing it on their smartphones, tablets and desktop PCs from everywhere. Continue reading “Positive Customer Reviews Generates Leads”